E  L    B  O L   E   T   O N

08 / 15 / 10

”S U P E R C A L I F R A G I L I S T I C E X P I A L I D O C I O U S” . . .

. . . is one of the many, many ways to describe the “splendor” . . . “class” and the “magnitude” of the TRAFON ( GROUP ) DI S C O V E R Y   F O O D  S H O W that was on exhibition at the RITZ CARLTON on Friday . . . 08/13/10 and which will go down in history as the best of the best FOOD EXPOS of the first decade of the new millennium . To begin with, the event was presented at the RITZ CARLTON which is a little higher than “First Class James”. I perceived the impression of two themes for this spectacular event. The first was a four page pamphlet titled “DESCUBRE  LO NUEVO EN TRAFON” , which indicated the seven new factors within the TRAFON ( GROUP ) , including an Internet page at www.trafongroup.com. The second theme was the most obvious beginning with a Treasure Isles map beginning at X . . . Entrance  to the Expo with directions (with arrows) indicating the locations of all of the exhibitors. The map resembled a Caribbean treasure map . . . showing the attendees the many “treasures” that were available through TRAFON. The “bevy” of lovely  TRAFON hostesses attired in nautical “dress” was a pleasant “ distraction” prior to entering the exhibition area, where crowds of industry  retail representatives sampled  an outstanding array of food exhibitors TNTM . . . . Too Numerous To Mention . This was an anniversary celebration as well to let the “world” know what TRAFON was all about. The demeanor of the president of TRAFON and that of all of the key executives as well as sales personnel was low key and pleasant with everyone including the Prez attired in the same way with attractively designed white shirts with appropriate logos. It is not unusual at other similar events to see       the “Big Ego Shots” parading around in the elegance of suits , ties and shiny shoes. But Carlos and his boys and girls were most effective with their down to earth  countenance.

I am sure that I have failed to mention other factors within the Expo but there remains three other elements that have to be described. There were seminars covering interesting aspects of the food industry. I attended the seminar on Forecasting and Merma. There was a key term which was explained in the Merma seminar . . “Cost Effective” . . . which is something that almost all meat buyers ignore because they all are interested only in low cost . . . not understanding the meaning of “True Cost”.  And who will forget the facial makeup and attire of the DJ who appeared on stage early in the afternoon and had the exhibitors and attendees “bouncing to the beat”? The final detail which I “discovered” when I emptied the contents of the informational material that I had collected was a Key Ring attached to a compass with the Packers (Horns) embossed on the ring fabric and the logo of the TRAFON DISCOVERY FOOD SHOW engraved on the backside of the compass. There is only one problem that comes to mind . . . and that is . .

. . . What will TRAFON do “The Next Time” to Top What They Did “The First Time” ?

If you “Don’” know the meaning of the 34 letter introductory “word” that begins with SUPER . . .  it was invented in the Mary Poppins movie. It means “awesome “ . . “exciting” . .  “different” . . “ bold “ &  “daring” . . with a “dash” of “ First Class James”.

T R A F O N . . . M E A T   A N C H O R S

As a “Meat Man” I am naturally biased in anything involved with either fresh, frozen or processed meat.  TRAFON . . . exhibited three primary meat categories beginning with HATFIELD & FARMLAND pork products. They also had CLAXTON . . . MR. POLLO on display with the newly designed tray pack presentation as well as the TYSON fresh chicken program with a great looking presentation of a whole chicken. Last but not least was the presentation of MARCHO FARMS fresh veal in either the Cryovac form or in the Case Ready – Map Product. (MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging),  with a guaranteed shelf life of 21 days. On the “horizon” is a Choice beef program to increase the weight of the other anchors. We are witnessing the “birth” of a Dynasty . . named TRAFON . . . .

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