Letter from our President Mr. Carlos Trapaga

Dear Friends

Yesterday the most destructive force of nature to have threatened our island in the past 80 years struck with the full force and fury of a Category 4 hurricane. Throughout the day and night, hurricane Maria wrought island-wide deadly havoc, causing untold destruction and devastation. Many of our colleagues lost their homes and their most treasured personal belongings, gathered over a lifetime. But they have not lost their will and their steadfast determination to rebuild their lives and businesses. Surviving a catastrophe like Hurricane Maria humbles us and makes us tremble at the awesome power of Mother Nature . But at the same time, it strengthens our national resolve to face our difficulties head on and become even stronger than before.

Now we all must work together to turn the page on this catastrophic event and look forward to a brighter future that we know lies ahead. Nevertheless, we must pay close attention to the lessons learned , keeping alive a clear picture in our collective memory of what the destructive force of Hurricane Maria took from us all.

Puerto Ricans are strong willed determined and optimistic people. We have always risen to the occasion and faced all challenges  - no matter how grave- with a full measure of courage, patience, and hope. You can expect the men and woman of TRAFON to make our company operational as soon as possible, so that once again we can meet the needs of our clients and the people of  Puerto Rico.

We offer our most sincere thanks for all the messages of encouragement that we have received from our many friends and colleagues. Equally as important, we are profoundly grateful for all those who have kept the people of Puerto Rico in their thoughts and prayers.

Carlos Trapaga Fonalledas

CEO & President